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IPE120 EN 10034 Standard EN 10025-2 12100

Beam section

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Dimensions : 12100x120x64x4,4
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HEB beams are hot-rolled steel products. Prepared with a silicon content ranging between 0.15% and 0.25%. They are suitable for zinc coating. The central part of the beam is called "the core" while its sides are called "wings" or "flanges". The beams, regardless of their shape (I, H or U), have the following common characteristics:

  • height greater than or equal to 80 mm
  • normally symmetrical wings of equal width
  • the outer faces of the wings are parallel
  • the wings either have thickness that gradually decreases from the core towards the edge (so-called "inclined wings" sections) or have constant thickness (so-called "parallel wings" sections).
  • The surface of the cores is connected to the inner faces of the wings by fillets. The grey, marbled or rough areas may appear but have no effect on the corrosion resistance. The beam is characterised by the following dimensional elements:
  • The widths and thickness of the core and wings
  • The radius between the wing and core

    La surface du produit comporte de la calamine issue de la fabrication à chaud du produit. La couleur peut aller du bleu à noir.

    Dimensions : 12100x120x64x4,4
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    Beams are used in the manufacturing of assembled or welded construction elements. They are intended to be used mainly in bending, compression or torsion, and are characterised by their area moment of inertia, surface and torsion constant.

    Beam on HR CS (M)
    Choice Prime
    (P) Size ZM40_V010065
    Flange width 64mm
    Grade std EN 10025-2
    Process range family Hot rolled
    GE11 part 1 H
    Cross section area mm² 1320mm2
    Grade Standard
    (P) Section ZM43_V010014
    treatment condition Not define
    Length tolerances LP -0 / +100 mm
    Theoretical weight of piece 125.84kg
    Ext. surface area per m²/t 45.82
    Grade category Structural steel
    Process sub family black hot rolled
    In coil / in flat flag On Flat rectangular smooth
    Product density Theo. 7.88kg/dm3
    BPM product family Beams
    Product hierarchy 11103222003990
    Shape tol. std EN 10034
    Shape category Variant 0
    Grade range family Structural
    Ext. surface area m²/m 0.475M2M
    Type of procurement Standard proc/prod/flat
    Length 12100mm
    length tol. type Wide
    Substrate grade density 7.85kg/dm3
    Shape family Long product
    Flange thickness 6.3mm
    Internal chape category 0 C0
    Treatment spec Intern
    (P) Steel grade ZM01_V000398
    Process & surface treat. desc. HB
    Subs. material family Carbon steel
    Grade std 11 Without
    Shape IPE
    Base Unit of Measurement KG
    Height mm 120mm
    (P) sub Shape Variant ZM59_IPE120
    Web thickness 4.4mm
    Sub shape IPE120
    Beam section 120
    Kg/PC 125.84kg
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