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Terms &conditions respect for the whereabouts of goods in the agency

1. D é investment

  · Circulate with caution on the site.

· Wear PPE if you enter the workshop (helmet is available to you)

· Wait for staff authorization before entering your vehicle into the workshop,

· Prohibition  :

o Access the stock,

o Smoking in the halls

o From   consume or d ’ Alcohol and other drugs.

Hazards and hazards

p> - Collision with other vehicle,

- Third party crush

2. Tools / Cup Material

Safety instructions on the site  :

· The use of cutting / cutting equipment clean or proprietary ArcelorMittal is prohibited on the site.

· In case of inadequate supplies à your vehicle, the site is able to perform  :

o A cut à length

o Delivery


Risks and Hazards   ;:

- Cut

- Brilliant


Security instructions on the site  :

· When using mechanical handling equipment on the site (Bridges, Carriages, etc.) it is forbidden to participate physically. l ’ op é ration

·. Keep yourself far away charges and comply with the instructions given by ArcelorMittal personnel.

Risks and dangers  :

- Stuck / Crash.


Rules of the Road   ;: Remembering Your Obligations and Your Responsibility

· Your vehicle  : You are responsible for the loading and the inspection of your vehicle, its capabilities; to circulate in safety ó and securing the loaded products.

However, if our staff feels that your safety, or that of other road users is engaged, he has the power to refuse to charge.

· Roadmap Fundamentals  :

PTAC  : Total Allowable Weight   ;: weight vehicle, including load. The driver must refuse any excess load.

This PTAC is a function of the balance of the load on all the wheels and can therefore be reduced in the event of a door opening. ; fake by passing products on the backside.

: Loading must not occur NI movements, NI visibility ó of the driver.

  In length , loading can only go to the back.

  1. Up ’ à 1 meter without cooling device,
  2. up to 5%. 3 meters with flushing device. (Completely fire if necessary)

In width, the load must not exceed 2.55 meters. p>

Gallery   : any product loaded on gallery must be stowed. Check capacity ó in charge of the roof bars (as well as that of the vehicle for a load on the roof).


Risks and dangers  

Traffic / Other users

- losing control of the v ó in the event of an overload

- cause an accident in the event of poor stowage

- jamming / crushing by a third due to the congestion of the transported material

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