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Speed and responsiveness: Receive your orders at your home in 24 to 72 hours or pick them up 4 hours after ordering!

For the orders you have placed with ArcelorMittal e-steel, ArcelorMittal offers you several delivery solutions.

Below you will find all the practical information on the delivery methods and conditions.

If you are a professional with a credit limit, we offer you the following:

  • The 'rotation' delivery: your order will be delivered to your premises within a period of 24 to 72 working hours, according to your rate and to your usual address *.
  • Pick up at the office on ArcelorMittal e-steel, ArcelorMittal offers you the possibility to pick up your goods free of charge and easily at the sales office within a period of 4 hours **.

* For security reasons, please contact your office if you would like to use a new delivery address for your online order.

** During office opening hours


If you are a professional who does not have a credit limit, or a private individual, we can offer you the following (depending on your chosen ArcelorMittal sales office):

  • The 'standard' delivery*: regardless of whether you are a professional or a private individual, your order will be delivered to your premises within 24 to 72 working hours.
  • Pick-up from our warehouse: at its ArcelorMittal e-steel site, ArcelorMittal offers you the opportunity to pick up your goods free of charge and easily from our warehouse after a period of 4 hours following your order**.

* In order to qualify for standard delivery, the dimensions of the products in your order must not exceed 15 m in length and you must be able to unload the materials safely at your chosen delivery address.

** During office opening hours


Picking up your goods in complete safety

To enable you to collect your ordered products from ArcelorMittal e-steel in complete safety, we ask you to observe the following conditions:


  1. Displacements on the site
  • Please drive carefully on the terrain.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when entering the workshop (a helmet will be provided...).
  • Wait for staff approval before driving your vehicle into the workshop.
  • It is forbidden to enter the stockroom, to smoke in the halls, to consume alcohol or to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Risks and hazards: collision with another vehicle, causing injury to third parties.


  1. Equipment / Cutting material

On-site safety regulations

  • The use of own cutting material or material owned by ArcelorMittal is prohibited on the premises.

Risks and hazards: cuts, burns.


  1. Operations / Charging

On-site safety regulations

  • When using mechanical equipment for handling goods on site (bridges, forklifts,...) it is forbidden to physically participate in the work.
  • Stay at a distance from the loads and observe the instructions given by ArcelorMittal personnel.

Risks and hazards: get trapped, crushed.


  1. Traffic rules: reminder of your obligations and your responsibility

You are responsible for the load and condition of your vehicle, from its ability to drive safely to securing the loaded products.

However, if our personnel believe that your safety, or that of other road users, is endangered, they have the authority to refuse loading.


The main traffic regulations

Maximum permissible load weight = maximum weight of the vehicle including load. The driver must refuse any excess load.

This maximum permissible loading weight depends on the balance of the load across all wheels and may therefore be limited in the event of overhang due to the protrusion of products at the rear.



The load must not impede either the movement or the driver's vision.

Lengthwise, the load may protrude only at the rear.

  • Up to 1 meter with reflective device. (supplemented with lighting if necessary)

The width of the load must not exceed 2.5 metres.


Roof rail

Any product loaded onto the roof rail must be tied down. Check the load capacity of the roof rails (as well as the load capacity of the car for a load on the roof).


Risks and hazards: loss of control of the vehicle in the event of overloading, causing an accident in the event of poor securing of the load, a third party becoming trapped or crushed because of the obstruction caused by the material being transported.


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