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'Frequently Asked Questions


How can I update my personal information?
From your 'My Account' area, you can edit your personal information by clicking on 'My details'. For security reasons, some fields are not modifiable. If you wish to modify them, please contact your agency.
How to change my password?
From your 'My Account' area, you can change your password by clicking on 'My password'.
How to add / modify a delivery address?
From your 'My Account' area, by clicking on 'My Addresses', you can:
  • add a delivery address by clicking on the dotted area with a cross in the center.
  • modify an existing delivery address by clicking on the stylus at the top right of each concerned zone square.
  • delete an existing delivery address by clicking on the cross at the top right of the concerned zone square.

I forgot my password.
While trying to log in, if you have forgotten your password, click on 'I forgot my password' then enter your e-mail address that serves as your login. A link will be sent to this email address to reset your password.
How to connect to my customer account ?
To connect to your space, click on the orange user icon located at the top right of the page. Enter your username and password in the login field provided for this purpose and click on 'Login'.
I can not sign in to my customer account.
If you have forgotten your password, please reset it by clicking on 'I forgot my password' from the 'Sign In/Register' page (accessible via the orange user icon located at the top right of the website). If the problem persists, please contact your agency.
How to find my customer number?
You can find your customer number:
  • From your 'My Account' area, on the 'My Personal Information' page.
  • From the documents available in your 'My account' area.

How to disable my account?
If you want to deactivate your account, please contact your agency.
I do not want to receive promotional emails/newsletters.
To stop receiving promotional e-mails or newsletters, you can unsubscribe directly from one of the received e-mails by clicking on the unsubscribe link located in the body of the e-mail.
Why choose an agency?
We want to bring you the best information possible when ordering, that's why we ask you to choose an agency to:
  • know the real time stock status of the products
  • pay agency rates
  • add products to your cart
  • have access to your agency catalogue
  • have access to the services of your agency (delivery methods, commercial service, etc.)

How to choose an agency?
If you open a customer account, your agency will be automatically selected when you register.
If you are a professional or an individual, you can choose your agency on the 'Find my agency' page that is accessible from its icon located at the top right of the website. Simply enter a postal code and select your agency to browse our site and make your purchases. You can also choose your agency by entering a postal code from a product page or the footer of the site.
How to change your agency ?
If you have a customer account, you must call your agency to request the change of agency.
If you are a professional or an individual, you can change agencies from the 'Find my agency' page. Just enter a post code and select a new agency.

I can not find a product.
If you can not find a product on the site:
  • Either it is no longer part of the catalogue
  • The site maybe experiencing a technical error. If you land on an error page, please renew your request later.
There is an error in my invoices.
Prices are updated regularly. If you think there is an error, do not hesitate to contact your agency.

Why I do not see prices on products?
If you do not see a price on a product:
  • Either you have not selected an agency, and you will have to select one to see the prices of a product
  • If it is a technical error. You can refresh the page. if the error persists, you can contact your agency

How do I know if a product is available?
The stock level of each product is indicated in real time by means of a color code, through the product page to the validation of the order.
  • Green: available
  • Orange : risk of shortage. In this case, if a product is no longer in stock, the 'add to cart' button on the product page will be grayed out.


I am unable to order.
Several cases may arise in this situation:
  • there is a technical error of the site: please try again later
  • a payment refusal in the account: please contact your agency to unblock the account
  • a refusal of card payment: check the payment details of your card or try with another card. If that does not work, contact your bank.

How to order?
To order, search for items that interest you, and once on the product page, add the item to cart. Once your orders are in the cart, click on it and validate your order.
Validation takes place in several stages:
  • Select your payment method
  • Enter your delivery address or select an already registered address
  • Choose your delivery method: According to your order, one or more delivery methods will be offered. Delivery charges are calculated automatically based on the selected mode, and the total amount of your order is displayed. For more details, refer to the general conditions of sale.
  • You must accept the general conditions of sale, and the conditions of delivery if you have selected agency pickup as your delivery method.
  • To confirm your order click on order. If you have chosen credit card payment, you will be redirected to the interface of Mercanet, our payment provider . You can safely enter your payment information and validate your payment. An order confirmation appears at the end of the process.

How to get an invoice?

You can find the invoices of your orders placed online and with the agency in your personal dashboard. Invoices for your online orders will be available in your dashboard some time after the order.
Check my past orders.
To view your past orders, log in to your account and go to your personal area, and check My orders. You can then view your past orders.

How to use a coupon code?

To benefit from a valid promo code, you must enter this code during your cart validation, in the field provided for this purpose.
I did not receive the email confirming my order.
Please make sure that the order confirmation email is not in your spam folder. If, after verification, you have still not received any mail, please contact your agency to make sure your order is reflecting in the database.


What are the payment methods?
When paying for your order:
  • If you are an individual: you can pay for your order only via credit card.
  • If you are a professional: you will have the choice to pay for your order via credit card or via your professional account, if you have one. Please contact your agency to understand payment terms

My payment by credit card does not work.
Check that you have correctly entered your bank details. If the card is refused, contact your bank. In case of a technical error, contact your agency.

My payment account does not work.
If you are unable to pay for your order, please contact your agency.
Are my bank details secure?
ArcelorMittal has selected one of the best payment providers to bring serenity, confidence and guarantee to each of its customers.


What is the quality of your products ?
ArcelorMittal attaches paramount importance to the quality of its products, so we guarantee our customers that any product delivered complies with the standards in force.

What areas do you deliver to?
To view our delivery areas, click here..

What are the delivery methods?
When you validate your order, according to agency of your choice, several delivery options can be proposed to you

If you are a professional with a payment account:
  • delivery within 24-72 hours
  • you can cancel your order through your agency, within 4 hours during the working hours of the agency*

If you are a professional with no payment account or an individual account:
  • standard delivery, within 24-72 hours (according to the agencies)
  • delivery at standard delivery points, within 24-72 working hours (depending on the agency)
  • cancellation within your agency (see the deadlines and opening hours of your agency)
Attention: to be payable after standard delivery and at standard points of delivery, the order must only include products whose dimensions do not exceed 6 lm and the unit weight of each product does not exceed 50kgs. The total weight of the order must not exceed 250kgs, in which case only delivery through an agency will be proposed to you.*after validation of your order
I can not enter multiple delivery addresses within the same order.
It is not possible to enter multiple delivery addresses within the same order. However you can place several orders with a different delivery address for each order.
What is the cost of delivery?
The cost of delivery depends on the weight and size of the products that constitute your order, as well as the delivery area. This cost is calculated automatically before payment of your order.
How to track the delivery of my order?
You will receive an SMS announcing the shipment of your order.
What are the conditions for the delivery of my products via an agency??
You can view the pickup conditions on the Delivery and Removal page of the Practical information section of the website.


How to return a product ?
For any return request, outside the legal withdrawal period, you must first contact the customer service of your agency and state your reasons.
If your complaint is validated, you can return your goods according to the terms agreed with the customer service.

How to use my legal withdrawal period?
If you are a private customer, you legally have the right of withdrawal within 14 days from receipt of your order.
To claim this right, you can contact the customer service by e-mail or by post to inform them of your decision to return. The template of the withdrawal form can be found in the general conditions of sale.

Customer service will acknowledge receipt of your request and provide you with the return details. You have 14 days from the date of sending your request to return the property to the agency.

Attention: Degraded or damaged products will not be taken back.

After contacting customer service, you have the opportunity to:
  • return the items to the agency through your own means. Introduce yourself to the customer reception along with your invoice.
  • return the items to the agency by contacting the carrier of your choice to return the goods.
Attention : Return costs are your responsibility..
How long will it take for me to be reimbursed?
In the case you exercise your right of refund, you will be refunded within 14 days from the date from which we were informed of your decision to return the goods.
We may, however, postpone the refund until the day of return of the goods or until you have sent us proof of shipment of the goods.
You will be refunded through the same method of payment used in the initial transaction.


What to do if the contents of my package do not comply with my order?
If you notice that the items you have received do not comply with your order, write your complaint on the delivery note attached to the order and contact the customer service by e-mail within 3 days to inform them of this discrepancy. Specify your name, first name, address and order number.

How to lodge a complaint?
To lodge a complaint on your order, please contact customer service. Specify your reasons, your name, surname and order number.

How to follow the processing of my complaint? ?
Claims management is done by e-mail. You can also contact customer service during the working hours of your agency.
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