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square tube welded 50x3mm Stainless steel 1.4301 EN 10088-1 6020

square tube width (mm)

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Dimensions : 6020x50x3
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Stainless steel welded square tubes are manufactured by circular profile forming of a hot rolled or cold rolled product, the edges of which are then welded. They are prized for their aesthetic appearance, high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance or ductility. They also have an easy to deform and a good weldability.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good creep resistance
  • Good ductility
  • Good weldability
  • High deformation rate
  • Longitudinal or helical welding possible

Dimensions : 6020x50x3

Our recommendations

  • Forging above 900°C
  • Oxygen acetylene welding is not recommended. Sensitivity to intercrystalline corrosion after welding, it will be necessary to practice overhardening thereafter
  • For all stamping: folding and spinning
  • For any cold forming, folding, profiling, bending, stamping, metal spinning, etc.
  • Various applications such as: household appliances, sinks, metal frames for the building, service trays and cutlery, domestic and community equipment, dairy equipment, welded structures, decorative tubes, exhaust systems.
  • Periodic cleaning of exterior surfaces is necessary to maintain the original appearance.

Squ. tube on SS (M)
Theoretical weight of piece 26.82512kg
(P) Stainless alloy ZM57_V000458
Standard short description ORN
Manufacturing process welded
Grade std 11 Without
Shape square tube
Substrate grade density 7.9kg/dm3
Thickness 3mm
Choice Prime
Shape family Long product
Length 6020mm
Base Unit of Measurement KG
Subs. material family Stainless steel
Length tolerances LP -0 / +100 mm
Product density Theo. 7.9kg/dm3
In coil / in flat flag On Flat rectangular smooth
BPM product family Stainless tubes
Grade owner std 10 CEN
square tube width 50mm
Product hierarchy 11120232007620
Shape tol. std Not define
Process & surface treat. desc. ND
Grade range family Austenitic stainless steel
Treatment spec Not define
Grade 4301
length tol. type Wide
Ext. surface area m²/m 0.2M2M
Grade category Not define
Ext. surface area per m²/t 44.883
Process sub family not define
Shape short description TSW
Grade std EN 10296-2
Cross section area mm² 564mm2
Process range family Not define
Kg/PC 26.83kg
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