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For the purposes of these terms andconditions, the following capitalized terms are as defined below:


"TOU or Terms of use" means allthe provisions specified herein for the purpose of defining the terms and rulesof access and use of the Sites published by ARCELORMITTAL as mentioned below.


"'User Account' means a space reservedfor the user accessible after registration on our Websites (Services) via aconfidential username and password, allowing them to access certain Contentavailable on the Services.


"Content": means, including butnot limited to, the structure/architecture of these Websites, editorialcontent, videos, texts, categories, drawings, illustrations, photos, images,sounds, as well as any other content on the Websites and/or any other elementcomposing these Websites.


"ARCELORMITTAL": refers toArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions France, a simplified stock company,registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Reims under number 469 500961 which publishes the Sites.


"Website": means thecommunication service to the public published by ARCELORMITTAL accessible inparticular at the address


"Service(s)": refers to servicesaccessible from the Site and published by ARCELORMITTAL.



2.1 Acceptance of the Terms of Use


The terms of use are in French and areintended to apply exclusively between the company ARCELORMITTAL and any userwishing to access the Site and use the Services.


Any connection to ArcelorMittal sites,consultation and the use of their content are made in the context of theseTerms that are intended to set the terms of use of the Services and Contentavailable on the Sites. All access to the Sites automatically implies totalacceptance and implementation of the rules and conditions set out in theseTerms. In case you refuse to adhere to these Terms, you must absolutely refrainfrom accessing these sites.


Access to some Services may also be subjectto the full acceptance of specific terms of use (hereinafter the"Conditions specific of use") or general conditions of sale("General terms of sale").


2.2. Change in the General Conditions ofUse


The applicable terms and conditions arethose in effect when connecting and using the Sites and/or accepted whencreating an account (hereinafter the "User (s)? ?). However ARCELORMITTALis free to change these Terms, as per their own will and at any time, subjectto a special mention by ARCELORMITTAL, to adapt to changes in the Servicesand/or their operation. They are deemed accepted without reservation by anyUser who accesses the Sites after these are posted on line. ARCELORMITTALtherefore invites the User to regularly consult the Terms of Use.




3.1. Pre-registration


Access to certain Services may be subjectto the creation of a User Account. For this purpose, a registration proceduremust be followed during which the User will have to choose a personal ID and anassociated password and communicate personal data (in particular last name,first name, email address, telephone number, date of birth etc.) which willthen make it easier to identify and facilitate access to Services.


In any case, the User undertakes tocommunicate only accurate and complete information, as well as to update themif necessary. In particular, you agree not to use a pseudonym that couldinfringe the rights of third parties (including the use of the surname ofothers, the trademark of others or works protected by copyright or similarrights) for whatever reason and on whatever basis.


When creating an account, ARCELORMITTAL maycollect personal data in accordance with our terms and privacy policy. It explainshow ARCELORMITTAL will process and protect personal information when Users usethe Services.


3.2. Protection of minors


In order to use and/or access the Sites,minors must obtain the authorisation of their parents or their parents,especially before creating a user account. It is specified that the use of anaccount by a minor remains the responsibility of the holder of parentalauthority.


3.3. Confirmation of registration


In the event that the data to allow thecreation of the user account does not reach ARCELORMITTAL, the latter will notbe held responsible for it. It will be the same if this data reaches them inpartially unreadable form because of incompatibilities or technical failuresattributable in particular to the facilities of the User (Internet server,hardware, software, etc.).


3.4. Using the account


The username and password of the User arestrictly personal and confidential. The User is solely responsible for thecustody and use of this information.


Any connection to the ARCELORMITTAL Sitesvia a user account and/or transmission of data made using a user account willbe deemed to have been made by the User and under their exclusiveresponsibility. Passwords and connection links to sites sent via e-mails areconfidential information for the sole attention of users that should never bedisclosed to third parties.


In the event of loss or misuse of logincredentials, the User concerned undertakes to promptly inform ARCELORMITTAL inwriting of the unauthorised use of their user account and to change hispassword.




The Sites may provide hypertext links,offer access to information, content, services concerning other sites and allowaccess to third-party services.


The User expressly acknowledges that underno circumstances can ARCELORMITTAL be held responsible for any information,content, service or elements available on third party websites or fromthird-party internet sources, nor for any prejudice whether, alleged or actual,to which access or use to such information, content, services or elementsavailable on third party websites or from third party internet sources may begiven.


Any User who accesses third-party serviceswill be exclusively responsible for adherence to the specific conditions of useand/or sale applicable to third-party services.


It is specified that the sites presentinghypertext links with the present site are not under control of ARCELORMITTALwhich disclaims all responsibility concerning the contents.



6.1. Intellectual property rights relatingto ARCELORMITTAL Site Content


All elements of the ARCELORMITTAL Sites(including the structure, texts, photos, videos, data, posters, logos, brandedillustrations and other elements reproduced) are reserved and protected underthe law of intellectual property for France and/or the whole world.


ARCELORMITTAL grants to the User the free,transferable, non-exclusive, personal and private authorisation to use theServices and the Sites for personal use only, and in strict compliance with theconditions of use established by these Terms of Use.


Any unauthorised use of all or part of theelements of the Services and Sites may lead to prosecution.


6.2. Intellectual property rights relatingto the Contributing Spaces


Each User guarantees to ARCELORMITTAL thatthey have the necessary rights to publish and/or share the content and commentsthat they put online via the contributing spaces. By rights, we mean the rightsunder the Code of Intellectual Property, including copyright, trademark law anddesign rights on any existing or future media.


In any case, the responsibility ofARCELORMITTAL cannot be committed on the basis of user content and/or commentswhich would have been put online by a User not holding the rights necessary forsuch actions and said contentious user contents.


Any User assigns, free of charge andnon-exclusively, to ARCELORMITTAL, for the entire duration of their use of thewebsite, the intellectual property arising from the transmission of its usercontent and comments by any means, including literary and artistic property,the right to reproduce, represent, copy, assign, modify, republish,communicate, distribute, adapt and more generally exploit all or part of theuser content and comments on ARCELORMITTAL sites and all associated servicesfor the purpose of promoting the activity of these websites.


These rights are assigned for the wholeworld for all operations on all media and by all dissemination methods known orunknown till date.


The User acknowledges and expressly agreesthat certain user contents may be reformatted solely for the technical needs ofauthorised operations, and thus the User assigns the necessary adaptationrights.


The User acknowledges and expressly agreesthat no use of the user content and comments as permitted in the context ofthese presents may give rise to any compensation whatsoever (in kind or incash).


6.3. Intellectual property rights relatingto trademarks


The use and the repetition of the namesand/or visuals deposited by ARCELORMITTAL and the companies of theARCELORMITTAL group is prohibited without its express agreement. In general,any unauthorised reproduction of trademarks, product names, services orcompanies mentioned on ARCELORMITTAL Sites is liable to prosecution.




When using the ARCELORMITTAL Services,Users may be required to provide data or personal information in order toaccess Services requiring authentication and to manage and improve the businessrelationship. For more information on the privacy practices of the Sites,please refer to the document entitled "Protection of personal data".


This explains how ARCELORMITTAL will processand protect your personal information when you use the Services.



The User acknowledges that ARCELORMITTALhas an obligation regarding the provision of the Services and will make itsbest efforts to guarantee the accessibility of the Sites and Services. Thisaccessibility may be suspended due to maintenance or upgrade, in order toensure the proper functioning of the Sites, without the obligation of providingprior information to the Users at the expense of ARCELORMITTAL.


Thus, ARCELORMITTAL offers no guaranteeconcerning the risks of interruption or malfunction related to the connection,congestion of networks and/or computer systems, intrusion of unauthorised thirdparties and contamination by potential viruses circulating on said networks andservices.


ARCELORMITTAL will not be held responsiblein case the interruption or the deterioration of the quality of the Sites andServices due to the occurrence of force majeure conditions. Examples of forcemajeure are exceptional weather, natural disasters, fires and floods,lightning, attacks, cases of breakdown and blockage of electronictelecommunications networks, and damage caused by viruses for which meansexisting security does not ensure their eradication, as well as any legal orregulatory obligation or public order imposed by the competent authorities andwhich would have the effect of substantially modifying these Terms, or anyother event of force majeure or fortuitous event, as defined by the legislationin force and the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation.


ARCELORMITTAL undertakes to do its utmostto guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the information available on all theSites but cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of these, nor for theuse or interpretation of the same as made by Users.


In General, the User undertakes toindemnify ARCELORMITTAL against any appeal or action brought by any person andits possible pecuniary consequences, based on or resulting directly orindirectly from these actions, or resulting from the use of Sites as well asany alleged violation of the TOU or the regulatory provisions in force and tohold ARCELORMITTAL harmless in case of any action and including litigation thatmay result from it. This guarantee covers compensation that may be due as wellas the lawyers' fees and court costs within a reasonable limit.



ARCELORMITTAL does not guarantee theperformance and modifications to Sites and Services that may occur consideringthe quality of the Internet network and/or technical configurations, which areoutside its control.


ARCELORMITTAL cannot be held responsiblefor any direct or indirect damage, including, in particular, loss of profit,customers, data or any other loss of intangible assets, loss of profits or anyother loss or damage that may arise from the use or, on the contrary, inabilityto access the Sites, even if ARCELORMITTAL has been informed of the possibilityof such damages.


In the event, the liability ofARCELORMITTAL is established as a result of breach of one of its obligationsunder these Terms of Use, the liability for indemnification is only limited todirect, personal and certain damages, with the express exclusion of compensationfor all indirect and non-material damages and/or harm, such as financialdamages, commercial losses, operating losses and drop in turnover, data loss.



Pursuant to article 6 IV of Law No.2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, all natural orlegal persons appointed or designated on the Sites may seek a right of replyfrom ARCELORMITTAL.


The request to exercise this right of replymust be sent in writing to the Publication Director of the ARCELORMITTAL Sites.


It must be sent by registered letter withacknowledgement of receipt no later than three (3) months following the on-linepublication of the message containing the content of request on theARCELORMITTAL Sites.


The request must contain the precise referencesto the message (including title, date, address URL) and an indication of thedisputed passages.


The User will attach the text of theresponse desired by them to this request, in written form, regardless of thenature of the message sent to demand a response.


Provided that the conditions of validity ofthe right of reply are complied with and the fact that this request is legallyjustified, ARCELORMITTAL undertakes, within three (3) days of receipt of therequest, to publish the response under the same conditions of the message sentas part of the request, referring to the right of reply.



If one or more provisions of the terms ofuse are deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, theother provisions shall remain in force to their full extent and would continueto be applicable. The provisions declared non-existent are replaced byprovisions which will come closest to the content of the cancelled provisions.


Given the global nature of the Internet,users undertake to comply with all the rules applicable in their country ofresidence.



The terms of use are governed by the Frenchlaw.



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