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3D printing

After years of research on additive manufacturing applied to its internal operations and spare parts, ArcelorMittal is now willing to accompany you as well in your journey with or towards 3d printing with steels. Stay tuned for the upcoming material and services offer.

Selective laser melting is an additive manufacturing technique classified as "powder bed melting" by ISO 17296. It is capable of producing metal parts using high-power lasers, progressively and locally fusing a metal powder in a controlled atmosphere.

Do you do additive manufacturing?

Already a manufacturer of parts with metal additive manufacturing and would like to be amongst our first customers of ferrous materials for additive manufacturing, including laser cladding and thermal spray applications ?


Would you like to have your 3D component parts printed?

Interested in discussing with our experts a business case, an existing part or a prototype to support your operations or speed up a development loop ?


Please fill out our survey (if not already done) and Contact our experts ( with your metal printing questions

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