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HEM beams are hot-rolled steel products. Prepared with a silicon content ranging between 0.15% and 0.25%. They are suitable for zinc coating. They have a greater thicknesses than HEB beams.Beams are very commonly used for the construction of metal frame buildings. The central part of the beam is called « the core » while its sides are called « wings » or « flanges ».The beam is characterized mainly by its height (or section) The beams, regardless of their shape (I, H or U), have the following common characteristics:

  • height greater than or equal to 80 mm
  • normally symmetrical wings of equal width
  • the outer faces of the wings are parallel
  • the wings either have thickness that gradually decreases from the core towards the edge (so-called « inclined wings » sections) or have constant thickness (so-called « parallel wings » sections).
  • The surface of the cores is connected to the inner faces of the wings by fillets. The grey, marbled or rough areas may appear but have no effect on the corrosion resistance.

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