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Delivery & pick-up

  • Please observe our safety regulations and rules when collecting material from our branch.
  • On the company premises, personal protective equipment must be worn without exception (hard hat with chin strap/safety boots EN20345-S3/high-visibility vest).
  • Your vehicle must be suitable for transport and operationally safe loading.
  • Pay attention to the internal company traffic (rail vehicles have priority).
  • Respect the maximum speed permitted on the company premises.
  • On the company premises, seatbelts are compulsory.
  • Using the phone while driving is prohibited.
  • Observe the permissible total weight, your load distribution plan and the maximum dimensions of the load.
  • Wait for the request from our staff before driving into the warehouse.
  • Continue to follow all instructions from our employees.
  • Please bring suitable and sufficient anti-slip mats, wooden blocks and lashings with you.
  • If our employees believe that your safety or the safety of other road users is being endangered, we may refuse to release the material.
  • Note the pick-up times of the respective branch.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs in our warehouses.
  • Stay only on the marked roads, paths and designated waiting areas.
  • Beware of crane movements, keep your distance from suspended loads.
  • It is forbidden to enter storage areas.
  • Do not use any machines yourself (saws / crane systems / forklifts / etc.)

Please also pay attention to the special safety requirements and rules at the respective location (e. g. magnet operation).

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